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safety gear for ATVs

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safety gear for ATVs

4 Things To Look For When Buying Motocross Boots

Martin Castillo

Wearing the right motocross boot is important for riding. Motocross boots protect against catastrophic injuries to your lower legs, ankles and feet. They should be worn when kick starting or riding your dirt bike. However, there are certain things you should look for when purchasing motocross boots. Here are four things to consider to help with making your decision.

Choose The Right Size

Riders have to wear boots that fit right because of participating in high-pressure events. Many motocross companies use European sizes. For this reason, it helps to know the difference in sizes. You should take measurements of your feet before making any purchases.

Flexibility For Your Ankles

Riding a motocross bike weighs heavy on your on ankles. You need to wear boots that provide enough flexibility. A boot with flexibility allows the rider to maintain control and provide protection for your joints. Gaerne boots are an example of a motocross boot that offers support and protection. And if you want a motocross boot that provides flexibility, then you should look for the hinged design.

Check The Material

The material used to protect boots plays a role in finding the right footwear. Steel is often used to reinforce the heel and toe guards. It offers good protection, but adds weight to your boots. A cheaply made boot may come with a built-in plastic armor, and the plastic material does not offer the same degree of protection as the steel.

Secure Closure

Motocross boots are unable to offer protection if they don not stay on your feet. If you want to prevent your boots from falling off, then you need to choose boots with a reliable closure. It helps to check the straps, zippers, buckles and any other closures.

Some boots have inner zippers, which makes them fit on your feet. The zipper should move up and down with ease. You should also stay away from boots with plastic zippers. Plastic zippers are easier to break. A good sign is when your boots feel secure and snug on your feet.

It helps to understand the safety precautions you must take to ride. Some riders underestimate the importance of footwear.  It helps to know what to look for when looking for motocross boots. Motocross can be a dangerous sport and footwear provides another level of protection. For more information, contact a professional motocross boot supplier, like Bob's Cycle & Snowmobile Supply.