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safety gear for ATVs

Some of the best times my family has had include going out into the wild on our ATVs and UTVs. I know that if I want to cheer up one of my teenagers, that all I have to do is go to the garage, start up a machine and rev it up a few times. As soon as they hear the rumbling of the engine, their troubles fade away and we head out into the woods for a ride. Safety is the most important part of riding for our family. We wear all of the latest safety gear. Find out about safety gear here on my blog.

safety gear for ATVs

Buy A Flag To Add To Your UTV

Martin Castillo

When you're shopping on a website that carries a wide selection of accessories for utility vehicles (UTV), you'll see lots of different things that you may wish to buy for your UTV. One of the simpler accessories that you can expect to see is a flag. Many people equip their UTVs with flags, and you may wish to do the same. Any accessories retailer that carries a selection of flags will also have the necessary mounting equipment, including a flagpole, which will make it quick and easy for you to attach the flag to your vehicle in a preferred location. Here are some things to know about using a flag on your UTV.

Why You Should Have One

Mounting a flag to your utility vehicle isn't just about giving your UTV a snazzy look. The primary purpose of using this popular accessory is to improve your visibility. Anyone who rides their UTV in areas that other riders frequent can benefit from a flag. For example, if you enjoy riding around sand dunes, your flag will especially be important. Because the flagpole positions the flag several feet above the roof of your vehicle, it will be visible to other riders even if your UTV is out of sight behind a dune. This simple accessory can be instrumental in keeping you safe while you ride.

Where To Put It

The mounting hardware that you can buy when you shop for a UTV flag will allow you to affix the flag to the frame of your vehicle. While there are lots of different places where you can add this accessory, it's common to mount it behind the cockpit. Having the flag behind you ensures that it won't affect your visibility from the driver's seat, regardless of how the wind is blowing. Some riders mount one flag to the frame behind the driver's seat, while others favor having a flag behind each of the rear seats.

Flag Designs

Your UTV accessories store will have all sorts of flag designs for you to consider. Given the primary goal of improving your visibility, choosing a bright-colored flag is important. A lot of riders favor fluorescent orange or red, given the brightness that these hues offer. You'll also see flags that allow you to express yourself to some degree. For example, you might enjoy using a skull-and-crossbones flag. Such flags aren't as visible, which means that you may want to equip your UTV with two flags: one that is easy to see from afar and another that has a fun design.

For more information on UTV accessories, such as Can-Am Defender accessories, with a UTV shop.